Stone garage designs: new ideas to make your garage better

Stone garage designs: new ideas to make your garage better

If you have a car and want to keep it in a good state, of course, you need a garage. And what garage is perfect? Personally, I believe, that the stone garage will be better than other will. Why so? Generally, it is all about the durability. Stone is the most durable material. It is not afraid of rain or wind; it is able to protect your car from any weather conditions. But the question is: can we make stone garage looking good and fashionable? And the answer is “Yes!”.

We can use little stones or pebbles to decorate garage doors or corners, we can use stone veneer to decorate garage from one or another side and, finally, we are able to pain the stones any color we like.
Just look at the pictures below: there are stone and rustic garages, wooden garages, decorated with stone, steel garages with stone décor, so on… So, stone is the way to make a masterpiece from your old garage!
Stone emphasizes the beauty and the size of your garage. It symbolizes the strength and high quality of your car. Stone is the material of perfect design.

Stone is not easily soiled, so, it can be easy washable and care for it will not distract you too much from your family and work.

If you need some tips on how to decorate your garage with stones, just visit my page and choose what you want: the photos of the best architecture decisions are already here: look through them and you will not regret!

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Stone offices and stone home libraries: your special space for working

Stone offices and stone home libraries: your special space for working

One of the most important things in our life is our job. And sometimes it takes more time, than we have thought. That is why we often come home and work at home.

Therefore we need some special place for working in calmness, coziness and quietness. Many more of us have our personal home office or small home library. But can it be really helpful without calming, unusual décor?

Of course, we can use wallpaper or plastic, but the perfect material is stone – it is natural, so, it will keep your nerves healthy by creating marvelous refreshing atmosphere. It can clean air, bring happiness and coolness.

In addition, stone is sound-insulating. So, if you need silence for your work, you will get it.
Stone is not bright, so, it will relax your eyes and will not distract you from work.

Use smooth stones for walls and you will get the opportunity to project your thoughts to the wall – just visualize them and the best decision will come to your mind soon.

Stone is natural and modern material at the same time. So, it will keep your home office design on the top of the fashion an at the same time will make you feel the part of nature.
You can use stone not only for walls, you also can make marble tabletop, pebble lamp or granite bookshelf.

Stone is the perfect decision for your floorings, too. Just imagine – you will not hear your own steps, and you will get an opportunity to clean your floors not so often, so, you can prioritize time with your work and nothing will disturb you!

Overall, you are here to find a lot of ideas on how your study should look like and 32 great designs of stone home office are already waiting for you. Just scroll down and enjoy these photos!

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Stone worktops designs: make your kitchen dreams come true

Stone worktops designs: make your kitchen dreams come true

Everybody knows how pleasant kitchens can be. We always enjoy cooking, when cooking is comfortable. So, coziness is needed not just in living room or bedroom, but in kitchen, too. What is one of the best ways to make your kitchen cozier for you? If you answered “worktop”, you are right! Just imagine yourself cooking at the worktop, which is perfectly bright and smooth. It is hard enough not to be broken and heavy enough not to be able to replace. And it all about the stone. Stone worktops are usable and beautiful – they can shine like mirrors or be dim and calming like real stone.

If you don’t want to redesign whole your kitchen, but want to make some changes, just use stone tabletops and worktops. If you have already designed your kitchen in stone, it would be the best idea to install stone worktops – granite, marble or quartz – it’s up to you to choose.

If you want your kitchen look like modern and natural at the same time – it is easy to make it. Just use minimalistic stone worktops and tabletops and it will look like kitchen on the board of space machine.
If you want your kitchen be more natural, just add some wood and your new rustic design will help you to feel closer to nature.

There is always the way. And this way is the stone. Here are some pictures and ideas on how to combine modern design and natural view: just look them through and you will be ready to redesign your kitchen!

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Stone wall shelf and mantels designs: the practical way to decorate your walls

Stone wall shelf and mantels designs: the practical way to decorate your walls

Can you imagine a house without shelves? They bring coziness and brightness to the walls, practical as you can put on them everything you want, and, of course, they optimize the space and give an opportunity to decorate your rooms with different little things like porcelain figures and books.

What a good idea to make your shelves of stone! It will be little part of nature in your home, smooth, easily cleanable, sustainable and obviously perfect to everything in your house. You can make floor bookshelves of stone and wood – such a rustic feature will bring change to your house and will take a place of children’s favorite place – just put their books and toys here and they will always know that they have their own place for their own deals, just like adults.

Floating stone shelf will decorate your walls in unique style: it looks like there is nothing more, but stones, stickled into the wall. It usually creates colossal effect. Your guests will be astonished and inevitably will wonder if you can explain how it is hanged.

Another variant is a mantels and mantelpieces. You can decide one day, that you need a mantelpiece – without which your house is not complete. And you are right. Mantelpiece is inherent part of fireplace. And the stone would be perfect for it. It is durable and can endure flames, it fits to stone fireplace and, overall, it is traditional.

There are some ideas on choosing, designing and placing stone shelves and mantelpieces. Choose one of them or take an idea to create your own design. And your house will change to the best!

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Stone doors surround design: fresh ideas for your entryway

Stone doors surround design: fresh ideas for your entryway

According to feng shui, entrance is the most important part of a house. It is usually situated in the center of the wall, therefore it takes and gives energy of the house. So, the door should be beautiful enough to create positive energy and send the negative energy away.

We usually have doors, made of wood or steel, but sometimes they challenge new surround. The best surround is, of course, stone. You may ask why. And the answer would be simple: it is durable and beautiful enough and, what is more important, it suits every door – whether it is steel or wooden.

Door surround includes any space you want – it can be whole front wall or just steps, but usually it consists of part of the wall, steps and landing, so, we need to decorate this part of a house.

Big stones creates an atmosphere of stability – you can put them by the sides of the front door and it will be the most interesting feature for guests, coming to your house.

You can use stone veneer in order to decorate the wall around the door. It can help to create an effect of wide doors: your doors will show, that your house is always ready to have visitors.

You can make some stone craft and put it near the doorstep and it will help you to have an atmosphere of ancient house, especially, if you choose lions.

So, if you decided to redesign your main entrance, to make something special of it, you are welcome to the perfect ideas on how to make your entrance doors more wonderful than it had ever been. Here they are, photos and designs.

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Stone lamp ideas: pretty details for marvellous interior design

Stone lamp ideas: pretty details for marvellous interior design

If we speak about small interior details, that make us happy every day, we can mention table and floor lamps, which are inevitable part of our lives. But have you ever thought, that lamps can be made of stone? Sure, they can! And it is the best decision for your house, especially if your hose is designed in stone.
Stone lamps are beautiful, long lasting and ecologically friendly. Your children won’t be hurt by it, because stone keeps warmth, but takes it very slowly. That is also why when you switching it off the lamp will give you warmth, too.

They suit any design, even if your room style is modern and there is nothing natural, stone lamps will suit it, in case of their smoothness and color variety.

What is more, you can form any lamp you want – from habitual lamp, standing on the tall leg with bright top to unusual forms like some of the lamps on pictures, represented below the text.

There are some examples of lamps, made of pebbles and small river stones. All they can be DIY-lamps. Take your children in the countryside, somewhere near the river and let them collect the stones and pebbles they like. The play will bring children joy and you will have a beautiful unique stone lamp as a result. In addition, it will always remind you about happy days or hours in the countryside.

There are much more ways how to decorate your house, but the lamp would be great idea, just because it is needed par of furniture that can become the perfect decoration and an archive of family memories.
Well, let us look through some great ideas on rock lamps, that will suite every house.

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Stone interior columns: the way do design your house after the latest fashion

Stone interior columns: the way do design your house after the latest fashion

There is one more thing for you that can help in making a perfect design for your house. These are columns. Stone columns – gracious, unusual, wonderful, delicious – just take a look on them and you will understand how important they are in interior.

Remember how much they meant for people before. There was a cult of columns in Greece: the building is not finished without them, is not luxury and captivating enough.

So, why don’t we install columns in our interior design?
It is easier to redesign your house with stone columns, if they are already here: real columns that look poor and unbeautiful. All we need is just decoration – stone veneer, pebbles, granite and so on. All these stone materials will be helpful in decorating you columns. But what if you don’t have any columns, but really want to have some? Use poles or wood trucks to make a decorative column. The ways to decorate it with stone or how to make a real column of it, you can find among the pictures below.

You can make an arch of columns and it will bring an atmosphere of old, but marvelous house. Stone columns are often related with arches, so, it would be good idea for you and a wonderful feeling for your guests.

Stone columns can be used as a way to detach the parts of your room. It also creates some kind of board – and therefore you can make your house or even a single room visually bigger.
Making zones with a help of columns, you can decorate your columns with different kinds of stones from different sides. It will create an atmosphere of different rooms, all in one.

And there are some ideas and pictures below, that can help you to decide what design to choose and how columns will look like in your rooms.

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Stone loft designs: captivating ideas for you!

Stone loft designs: captivating ideas for you!

The loft is actually the space, where you can place any room you want. It can be kitchen or dining room, playroom or bedroom, and you can decide how it should look like. It can be bright modern top room or misty loft in old style – anyway there is something, that can help you and it is stone.

The stone is this unique way do design your loft with your own preferences. Just look at the pictures below and you will understand, how fragrant it would be to look out the top window of your house, feeling like Douglas, a character of Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine” – watching the world from the bird’s eye. And there will be the perfect stone room around you – designed after the latest fashion.
The loft can become your trendy hiding-place from noisy world – the stone soundproofs, gives a feeling of calmness and stability.

All in all, you can not just design your loft with stone, but can also decorate it with stone like an ancient castle from the fairytales we all like.

The ways to decorate your loft are so different: you can make a frame for you window, also you can make a stone TV-wall here – everything of it you can find in my blog.

Well, if there is no doubt about redesigning and redecorating your loft according to your dreams, with a help of stone, you are to scroll down and see what a wonderful ideas I found here for you. Make the loft of your dreams and be happy!

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Astonishing TV wall ideas for you: watch and enjoy!

Astonishing TV wall ideas for you: watch and enjoy!

Do you like watching TV? I’m sure, you do. But have you ever thought about TV-Set, installed into wall and decorated trendy with something neutral, but captivating?

There is the idea of making a TV Unit, decorate with stones. It is charming, interesting and unusual. Your eyes are not tired anymore – after watching TV you can look at the wall with fantastical pattern of stone and have a rest, or even look down and find a fireplace!

The idea of making stone TV-set came to my mind after a party at my friend’s. We watched TV and I noticed bare wall, undecorated and perfectly white. It offended the eye and my mind pictured the wall decorated with something unusual, pretty and very small.

Sure, there should be some texture and color shouldn’t be too bright. And the stone is a perfect decision for all that.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate TV-wall with stones. You can use veneer or pebbles or even bricks – it all depends on your taste. Here can be a fireplace or a wall shelf, or just a wall with different patterns of natural stone – colorful, but not glaring.

So, if one day you got up and understood that there is something to do with your TV unit, you have chosen the right blog: here you will find the perfect ideas for decorating your home cinema and you will love it much more, than you did before!

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Stone cabin design: your marvellous little space

Stone cabin design: your marvellous little space

Nowadays people often choose cabins to live in. It is small cozy comfortable dwelling that can be easily designed and renewed, if you want it. There are some reasons why it would be better to choose stone cabin or stone-designed cabin for your life.

Cabin is an opportunity to take a break from the fast developing life. You can situate it in the town or in the forest – anyway it can be your little place for having a rest. But such a place should be cozy and comfortable. Stone cabins are the best way to achieve calmness and comfort. If your stone cabin is situated in the forest, it will suite trees and grass, if it is situated in town, it can bring a part of nature to the grey houses of town.

So, what would you choose, if you are to design a stone cabin? You can use little and big natural stones, stone veneer, or even pebbles to decorate it. Little houses can be any form – you can make a sphere or triangle and the stone will be able to help you with it – its form and size allows to put them together any way you want.

Do you want something special? Take natural stones with unusual coloring, put them in the wave, cover them with polish and that is it: your new-designed stone cabin with hand-made decorations.

The best way to choose a stone is to design the cabin first and then choose material in accordance with practical side and your esthetical wishes.

The stone is the best, because it is smooth enough, bright or dim (it’s up to you what to choose), naturally colored and shaped.

Here you can find some examples, templates and ideas: just look out the design you need, or get an inspiration for creating your own design.

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